Sketches by Jonah Jones sold at auction

18 July 2023

Two pencil and watercolour sketches by Jonah were sold in Colchester, Essex on 18 July by Reeman Dansie auctioneers.

The small studies, made in 1964, show the church of St Nicolas (Agios Nikolaos) on the island of Aegina in Greece from two different angles. The images include the church itself and nearby fishing boats with their rigging, all sketched spontaneously in pencil, with the water in the harbour and the sky painted in a deep blue wash. The loose approach of the sketches is typical of Jonah’s architectural studies around this time. One picture is signed and dated “St Nicolas Aegina – Jonah Jones ’64”, the other simply gives the location.

Jonah made the studies during a week in Greece in early 1964, on the way to visit his in-laws in Israel with his wife Judith and daughter Naomi (who is now one of Scene & Word Ltd’s directors).

Scene & Word would be delighted to hear from the purchaser of the two sketches.