1 December 2023

The Scene & Word website is now hosted by Proper Design who have recommended a wholesale upgrade. Parts of the website will therefore be hibernating until spring 2024. Regrettably this means that our Welsh-language website will also be offline.

Following the upgrade, everything will return, bang up to date and with a new look. Until then:

Oriel Jonah Jones will be offline until spring 2024.

You can still tell us about lost works by Jonah Jones, or anything else about him: email us at

The Scene & Word Store will be closed until spring 2024.
However, if you know what you want, we can still ship any of our publications, prints, posters, card etc: email us at

We won’t add any new posts to our news channel until spring 2024.
Meanwhile, we’ll be posting further news and announcements on

Facebook and Instagram.