TV, radio and online news features spread the word about Jonah Jones windows in Mold

7 February 2023

Following the completed installation of the restored dalle de verre windows by Jonah Jones in St David’s Catholic Church in Mold, various features have been broadcast and aired on news channels in Wales and posted on online news platforms.

On 17 December 2022 Nation.Cymru posted an article, ‘Art experts give new life to stunning church windows’:

On 6 January 2023 Radio Cymru broadcast an interview with Peter Jones on ‘Post Prynhawn’. The audio clip is 4.02 minutes long and is in Welsh:!Amq5aa8ReV7ahoIcqmP_YwuS_6GIAg?e=v1tNbI

On 20 January 2023 ITV Wales News reporter Rob Shelley interviewed Mike Bunting, the project manager for the installation of the windows in St David’s Church, as well as a member of the church congregation. Although the video clip (1.58 minutes) is a camera recording, both the sound and video quality are acceptable:!Amq5aa8ReV7ahoIdugGnJ7Pzwc9Bgw?e=RBoztq

And on 16 February 2023 BBC Wales Today’s Matthew Richards reported on the windows, incorporating rare archive footage of Jonah being interviewed about them in 1966. Peter Jones contributed interesting technical details about how innovative the windows were when they were originally made, and retired engineer Mike Bunting also spoke about the equipment and process he devised to lift the heavy panels into position in St David’s:!Amq5aa8ReV7ahoJ6jqMS5MZIs29rRw?e=NsRjpd

Matthew Richards’ report, titled ‘Gwynedd: Saved stained glass windows installed at church’, can also be read on the BBC Wales News channel at