We’ve launched two stunning new alphabet posters, and made big price cuts across our store

11 November 2021

Today we are delighted to announce the addition of two very different new products to the Scene & Word Store.

Around the year 1990, Jonah picked up a small sketchbook and painted in it a fantastical alphabet in watercolour, one letter to every page. Later in life he left it for his grandchildren to enjoy. When we came across it we realised we were holding something unique in our hands. We decided to digitise the whole alphabet to make up posters of the complete Welsh and English alphabets. On the frontispiece of the sketchbook Jonah had painted the title Alphabetum Romanum Jonah, which we also digitised to use as the title for both alphabets.

The alphabets are presented as A3 posters, in mounts ready for framing.

Big price cuts

We are also announcing significant price cuts to several products in our store. All the following new UK prices are fully inclusive of shipping etc. We have applied the cuts equally to non-UK markets, although obviously they reflect the higher cost of shipping overseas.

In our range of limited-edition fine archival prints:

  • the small remaining numbers of mounted prints of Homage to Marianne North (painted by Jonah in 1982) and Three Men on a Winter Hill (also 1982) have been reduced from £145 to £110
  • and unmounted prints of Homage to Marianne North are reduced from £110 to £90

In our range of publications:

  • our few remaining copies of the original limited-edition handbound hardback edition of The Gregynog Journals have been reduced from £50.75 to £24.50
  • the more recent limited-edition softbound edition of The Gregynog Journals has been reduced from £24.75 to £14.50
  • The Lakes of North Wales, Jonah’s tribute to his native landscape, is reduced from £8.40 to just £4.25, with most of the new price covering shipping. We acquired the remaining stock from Y Lolfa, who published the third and final edition, and would much prefer the guidebooks to live on hill-walkers’ bookshelves than sit in boxes in our store
  • and finally, we’ve reduced Plas Glyn-y-Weddw’s superb catalogue for their 2019 centennial show of Jonah’s work from £7 to £5